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We Are Hiring!!!


Join Diva Bigg's Dynamic Production Team!

Are you ready to be part of an exciting journey in the world of events and entertainment? Look no further! Diva Bigg, an international designer and filmmaker, is assembling a talented production team for her upcoming events, and we have some amazing positions open just for you.

1. Model Coordinator:

Calling all fashion enthusiasts! As a Model Coordinator, you will be responsible for scouting and coordinating talented models to grace the runways of Diva Bigg's spectacular shows. If you have an eye for style and a knack for organization, this position is perfect for you.

2. Marketing Manager:

Are you a mastermind when it comes to creating buzz? As the Marketing Manager, you will lead our marketing efforts, developing innovative strategies to promote Diva Bigg's events and reach new audiences. Join us in shaping unforgettable experiences through effective marketing campaigns.

3. Event Coordinator:

Attention to detail is your middle name. As an Event Coordinator, you'll play a pivotal role in planning and executing flawless events that leave attendees in awe. From coordinating logistics to managing vendors and ensuring everything runs smoothly, your organizational skills will shine.

4. Personal Assistant:

Become the right hand of the diva herself as her trusted Personal Assistant. This role requires impeccable multitasking abilities as you assist with scheduling, travel arrangements, and day-to-day tasks that keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

5. Event Crew & Volunteers (😎):

If you're passionate about events but want more hands-on experience, join our event crew or volunteer team! Get involved in various aspects of event production such as set up, stage management, guest services, and more. It's an excellent opportunity to learn from industry professionals while having fun along the way!

6. Publicist:

Do you have a way with words? Join us as a Publicist and help craft compelling narratives that captivate media outlets worldwide. Your excellent communication skills and media relations expertise will play a crucial role in spreading the word about Diva Bigg's extraordinary events.

7. Sponsorship Coordinator:

As a Sponsorship Coordinator, you will be responsible for building strategic partnerships with brands that align with Diva Bigg's image. Your negotiation skills and business acumen will help secure valuable sponsorships, enhancing the success of our events.

8. Public Relations Person:

If you excel in building and maintaining relationships, this role is for you. As a Public Relations Person, you'll handle media inquiries, manage press releases, and ensure a positive public perception of Diva Bigg and her events.

9. Manager:

Are you an experienced professional who thrives in managing teams? Join us as a Manager, overseeing various aspects of event production and ensuring seamless coordination between different departments.

10. Talent Coordinator:

Discover hidden gems within the entertainment industry as a Talent Coordinator. Your passion for talent scouting will help bring exceptional performers to Diva Bigg's stage, ensuring unforgettable experiences for our audiences.

11. Social Media Coordinator:

Become the voice behind Diva Bigg's online presence! As a Social Media Coordinator, you'll create engaging content, interact with fans, and develop strategies to grow our online community.

If any of these positions intrigue you or if you have additional questions about them, we'd love to hear from you!


Join Diva Bigg's dynamic production team today and be part of creating extraordinary moments that leave lasting impressions.

To apply or learn more about these exciting opportunities, please contact us directly at:


Phone: 904-566-3040

~Diva Bigg

Let’s Work Together

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